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Next Generation, is laser technology the future?

The laser technology provides lots of advantages.  OSHINO LAMPS is your reliable development partner to design your laser ideas. Following the requirements of DIN EN 60825-1, our team of engineers can design your customized laser light source, as well as your specialised, flexible optical fibre and also support you for mass production.

The laser light source is extremely bright, highly reliable, compact in size while also being cost efficient.

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Illuminations by High Power-Laser Light Sources

Main features of Laser Light Sources are…

  • extremely long lifetime
  • extraordinary luminous density
  • high color maintainance
  • high contrast
  • maximum couple efficiency
  • low transportation losses
  • pure colours
  • customized fibre dimensions

You have the idea and seek technical support?  OSHINO LAMPS is your partner.

We do have strong partners for the future

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USHIO America Inc. is the worldwide leadingManufacturer for gas discharge lamps. Applications are for medical industry and for cinema projection technology.

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High Power Laser Light Sources for the optical industry, RGB Light sources for 3D Cinema projecton technology are the technical highlights of NECSEL Laser Inc.

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One Stop Solution

High quality level from single source – OSHINO LAMPS is your reliable partner for the development of your lighted products. Based on the knowledge and product experience, the Oshino Engineering team supports your project from the concept phase to prototypes and finally to high volume mass production. The key characteristics of our products are electrical reliability, homogeneous illumination and color distribution, as well as good thermal management to ensure a long lifetime.

Oshino Lamps LogoProject Management

OSHINO LAMPS manages your product successfully. From first product idea to high volume mass production, OSHINO LAMPS is your partner for lighted products. Our experienced team of optical and CAD engineers is prepared to support your project. We work according to your specification and international regulations, to bring your product to success.


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OSHINO LAMPS uses rapid prototyping as a helpful tool to prepare functional and optical parts. We also support rapid prototype tools for larger test quantities. Good prototypes help to check haptical, geometrical and optical properties at very early stages in the development process. In close cooperation with our customers, we use prototypes to speed up the R&D process. All kinds of rapid prototyping methods are used, such as stereolithography SLA and vacuum moulding, we even do optical prototype parts by hands. We try to use specified materials as much as possible, so that the results of first measurements and  optical properties can be carried over to mass production product layout.

OEE Fertigungshalle

OEE manufacturing


OSHINO LAMPS found excellent conditions when setting up its manufacturing site in Estonia. We produce your products in our certified and audited electronic manufacturing to the high standards and regulations requested by the international electronics and automotive industries. Historically Estonia is the number 1 choice because of its skilled engineers and knowledge in electronics for a manufacturing location. This was the reason for our decision making to establish OSHINO ELECTRONICS ESTONIA OÜ as independent manufacturing location for lighted and electronic products in Paernu, Estonia. Together with our colleagues in Estonia we can offer the best quality and flexibility to serve the request of our international clients of all kinds of industries.