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Lighted Products since 1931

OSHINO LAMPS Germany is an approved supplier to the European industry since decades. Our brandname “OL” is a synonym for quality, service and reliability. We are well know as a flexible and innovative partner to our customers. Particularly in the Automotive Industry we are known as a supplier with innovative ideas and reliable longlife products. Our lighted products are used in a numerous variety of cars and trucks. Our products are used in the aircraft and space industry as well as in industrial, telecomunication and medical products. Our product category “indicators” shows state of the art brightest LEDs, which are mainly used as long lasting 1:1 replacement for based incandescent lamps.

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Light is our life

OSHINO LAMPS is your R&D partner for illuminated products, from first design concepts, to prototypes, small pre-series and finally high quantity mass production. It is our company goal to improve and strengthen our market position. Our local engineering staff and our direct access to manufacturing helps to achieve this target. By having a company-owned electronics manufacturing in Paernu, Estonia we are in the best position to support our customers with cost effective prototypes and large scale mass production products. Therefore we are able to offer an entire product development and project management process. From concept to prototypes and mass production, we always follow our motto “Light is our life“.

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Room for your ideas

Our dedicated and motivated OSHINO LAMPS employees are key to our success.

We support open communication among employees and management and work in partnership. We always try to be fair and treat each other with respect. A flat hierarchy and prompt decisions making support the efficient cooperation within our teams. OSHINO LAMPS creates the space for innovative ideas, and eases decision making. In-house workshops as well as external seminars are offered to our employees, which is regarded as one of the key factors for future company development. It is our philosophy to count on continuity and tradition, these are the ethical and moral cornerstones of our commercial activities.

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Dates and facts

OSHINO LAMPS GmbH as European headquarter by Karl A. Heinrich and Hiroshi Oshino founded

Sales offices in Great Britain,  OSHINO LAMPS Ltd. (UK) established

First development of  SMD Lamps for automotive applications, socket LEDs as lamp replacements

Sales office in France, OSHINO LAMPS France SARL established
Approved Supplier for GM

 Sales office in Italy, OSHINO LAMPS Italia S.R.L. established

Ford Q1 Quality Award

Oshino moved into its own factory building in Nuremberg, Tennenloher Straße 19
DIN EN ISO 9001 certification

General distribution contract for  Welch Allyn Halogen- and SOLARC® Lampen

SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR awarded from ITT (today VALEO)

Customer specific developments based on LED, opening of Oshino R&D lab with specific light measuring equipment

OSHINO LAMPS GmbH celebrates its 25th anniversary together with customers and partners from all over the world. Hand over of management to Karl Pensl

Establishment of Oshino Electronics Estonia OÜ, Estonia, as production site for electronic lighted products

Certification of ISO 14001 for OSHINO LAMPS Germany

OSHINO LAMPS Germanys 30th anniversary

Winner of  NoAE Innovation competition with functional lighted product for cars

Award received for family friendly company in the Nuremberg area

General distributor contract for  Europe for USHIO America SOLARC® gas discharge lamps

OSHINO LAMPS Ltd. Japan celebrates its 80th anniversary

NECSEL LASER Applications  general distributor for Europe

Development of calibrated RGB-Moduls for the automotive industry

Patent on flexible light guides for automotive applications

Renovation/ Enlargement of the Nuremberg office;
doubling the office area for product development

10 years OSHINO ELECTRONICS OÜ, Estlonia
Enlargement of manufacturing area, installation of 2nd high speed SMT line

Bayern Innovative funds and supports OSHINO R&D project
OSHINO Estonia is certified ISO/TS 16949

OSHINO Germany is 40 years old