Lighted Products since 1931
Since 1931

Light is our Life

OSHINO LAMPS is a steadily growing company and your competent partner for innovative and high quality illuminated products. Worldwide we offerfull project support for illuminated products and lighting technology, from R&D, light simulation and prototyping through to mass production.  For centuries we have been a recognized supplier in the industry. Our brandname “OL” is a synonym for quality, service and reliability.

Concept Car Interior


We will not leave you in the dark

Illuminated accents for automotive interiors customized car interiors and exceptional illumination solutions are today’s automotive trends, in all cars, from small sized city cars to luxury vehicles.  Accentuated lighting effects improve the visual of the interior and create a pleasing ambient mood. Lighted products are also used to display essential information and safety aspects. OSHINO LAMPS specializes in customizing the products. Individual design and your specification is the basis for our engineering efforts. “The appearance of the car interiors has changed dramatically during the last years. Besides classical functional illuminations of switches and displays we can see ambient lighting coming up nowadays. It is our goal to create a most pleasant car interior for the customers well being”, states Karl Pensl, CEO of OSHINO LAMPS GmbH.

Welch Allyn Analysegerät

Analytic- / Medical

Competence in illumination

Lighted products from OSHINO LAMPS are key elements for many of the medical products. Since many years OSHINO LAMPS, together with their wellknown partners USHIO and Welch Allyn are supporting the medical equipment industry with their experience and know how. Wether it is a light source for microscope, or the SOLARC light sources for a microinvasive operation device or camera system, OSHINO LAMPS supplies the OEM and aftermarket with the certified OEM quality products . We provide the LED Light source and LED light engine, as well as the gas discharge reflector lamp to fit your equipment.

Sign Lighting OPEL

The better solution for your illuminated media boxes

Bright, reliable and attractive – those are the flagship features of your sign lighting box appearance. The optical lens of our Super Orbis LED gen² has been specially designed to offer a radiation angle of  160° degrees. The hyperbright NICHIA LED thereby develops a luminous flux of up to 290 Lumens.

The Super Orbis LED gen² is the brightest, most reliable and energy saving product of your choice. It offers a real alternative to the traditional fluorescent tube when illuminating large scale advertisement panels. Brightness and homogeneous illumination at low maintenance cost contribute to the success of your displayed message.

Would you like to reduce energy and maintenance cost while increasing appeal at the same time?
Have you had enough of non professional, unattractive, inhomogeneous illumination appearance due to failed fluorescent tubes?

Super Orbis LED gen² is your innovative and energy saving illumination.

9 Super Orbis illuminate 1m² and consume as little as 11 Watt/m².


Reliability for OEM and Aftersales

OSHINO LAMPS subminiature lamps and halogen lamps for airplane switches, instruments, cabin lights and exterior illuminations are qualified for most civil and military aircrafts. NATO Code-Numbers, OEM part numbers and other international part numbers can be cross referenced to Oshino parts.

Typical applications are switch and display illuminations, but also light sources for reading lights, freight compartements, wingtips and taxi lights.

Oshino Slider LED

Lights&lamps for industry

OSHINO LAMPS is your partner for  sub miniature vacuum lamps, gas filled lamps and LED-Lamps for industrial and surveillance applications, in industrial equipment and in power plants.

Our super bright based LED Lamps are available in voltages ranging from 6V DC to 230 V AC. We can supply from stock most colours and shapes. All bases, like wedge base, telephone base, subminature and midgetflange up to Ba9S and Ba15d are available.


Sub Miniature Lamps

Ahead with knowledge

OSHINO LAMPS has been producing and selling sub miniature incandescent lamps for decades. All well known automotive OEMs and TIER1s have used our lamps for switches and panel illuminations.

Today OSHINO LAMPS develops and provides ambient lighting for car and truck interiors for your comfortable and safe ride.

OSHINO LAMPS also offers a wide range of light sources for various international industry segments. Our know-how and our experience helps to create your optimum individual lighting solution.


Next Generation

The laser technology provides lots of advantages.  OSHINO LAMPS is your reliable development partner to design your laser ideas. Following the requirements of DIN EN 60825-1, our team of engineers can design your customized laser light source, as well as your specialised, flexible optical fibre and also support you for mass production.

The laser light source is extremely bright, highly reliable, compact in size while also being cost efficient.

Oshino NDIR


Powerful Infrared lamps

OSHINO NDIR Lamps are powerful and reliable emitters particularly for CO/CO2– Detection in automotive applications, i.e. exhaust gas analysis, in the medical industry for the analysis of breath gases and for numerous applications in the chemical industry. More information on our range of products and support for your product ideas are provided by OSHINO LAMPS technical staff.

OSHINO NDIR lamps are powerful in the near IR wavelength range and provide accurately positioned filaments. A long lifetime and a low thermal time constant are essential features.

NDIR lamps from OSHINO LAMPS are small sized and are designed and produced to provide a high IR output with a quick thermal rise time, whilst having a low heat emission.